About us

A multi-faceted design studio, empowering women in business through intentional design and photography.

d Strategy-first.

Our aim is not only to create beautiful brands, but timeless, strategic brand journeys that have a lasting impact on the consumer.

d Female-led.

We have built up an incredible community of women who support each other, and we love seeing these women thrive.

Where we are

Based in Cape
Town, working worldwide.

We're based in beautiful Cape Town, but have worked with clients all over the world. From Brazil to Australia, we've worked on projects in (almost) every time zone.

*feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to work together.

our clients

We've worked with countless top-tier brands, big and small. We could also work with you!

Who we are


Hey, I'm Bredine - thank you for stopping by. I'm a freelance creative from Cape Town, South Africa, and I've been creating beautiful things for over 10 years. Her Studio was born from my passion for working with female entrepreneurs and small businesses, and seeing intentional brands come to life.
Strategy and minimal design is at the core of everything I do, and I wanted to create a space where I can craft visual stories and support other women in realising their business goals.
If I'm not behind my computer, I'm probably on the promenade, off taking photos and drinking bubbly or daydreaming about my next holiday destination.

Who we are


Hi, I’m Steff.

I do all things social at Her Studio, from design all the way through to production, video content, and styling photoshoots. In my spare time you’ll most likely find me attempting to learn a new yoga pose (that I’ll never actually get), nestled up on the couch playing around with some digital doodles, or at Clay Cafe painting things I don’t actually have space for.
I love being a part of a small team making our own and others’ dreams come true.

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