Our 5 Favourite Free Apps to level up your business

Investing in your new business or brand can be scary, and we know not everyone has an unlimited budget from the get-go (or ever, if we’re being honest), so we’ve rounded up our five favourite apps you can use to elevate your business for FREE. These have been tried and tested, and most of them offer great free features – with the option to go premium if you’re looking for more.

01 Photo editing:

There are probably more photo editing apps out there than we can ever count, all of them offering shiny features and amazing before and after pics for “free”, but once you download them you have to buy filters – and even then it’s not always great. If quality loss, over-edited images and horrific watermarks give you as many nightmares as it does us, you need Lightroom for Mobile in your life. Lightroom for Mobile is an Adobe app that is free to use on all smartphones, and there are a gazillion presets available online for free, as well as premium paid presets. They’re easy to install directly on your phone and you can adjust the intensity, along with all the other Lightroom settings in the wink of an eye. The best part? No (or very little) quality loss from the original image. A photographer’s standard editing app available for all!


02 Design and type

We get it, you can’t use a graphic designer for everything. There are times when you need to get something out quickly, or maybe you just like putting your own touch on your posts. *ENTER Canva*

Canva is a great free online editing platform where you can design anything from Instagram posts to presentations and even infographics. The best part, your designer can create templates and share them with you so you can add your own copy to custom templates. A definite must in any entrepreneur’s arsenal.


03 Tutorials and Workshops

For those who want to master a craft themselves, or are just addicted to learning, there’s Skillshare. Skillshare is a platform where you can learn about anything from arts and crafts, business marketing, cooking, and basically anything you can think of. There’s a vast variety of free tutorials with follow-along projects, and even more when you sign up for premium. They’re currently running a promo where you get two months of Premium FREE! So what are you waiting for??


04 Social planning and scheduling

Nobody has the time to plan and post to social media every single day, but with Later you can plan and schedule your content in advance! They offer a free plan for individuals, where you can plan and schedule one Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook account all in one platform. It publishes your posts automatically and you can track your activity and followers to see when the best times are to post, etc. We use this for some clients and it saves A LOT of time.


05 Time Management

Do you need to split your time between clients, tasks, team or just generally organize your life? Clockify lets you plan your week to the minute, and keeps track of what time you spend on which tasks. It comes as a desktop and phone app that easily syncs so you can track on the go.


There you go, we hope these 5 apps help you on your path to success!


This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of these brands in any way, we genuinely just love using them!